Programs We Offer

We care about the homeowners in our communities! Each program is uniquely equipped with the systems and professionals to handle its specific area of focus!

Mortgage Takeover Program


If the situation calls for it, WASY HOMES can completely take over your mortgage and assume responsibility for your monthly payments.

If you decide the best option is to sell your property, WASY HOMES has the ability to completely eliminate the commission.

When we work directly with a homeowner to facilitate the transfer of a property, homeowners pay absolutely ZERO commissions!

That's an average of $18,000 saved compared to listing with a Realtor.

0% Commission Program


Cash Purchase Program


Utilizing cash funding from our national network of investors allows us to circumvent many of the nuances of a traditional real estate closing.

Here at WASY HOMES, we understand the importance of timing. We can facilitate a fast and easy closing in 10 days or less - or as long as you need.

We understand situations arise that make it difficult to keep up with your payments. We will work with you to avoid the foreclosure, and if anything, in exchange for the property, we can pay off the entire balance you owe to the bank to avoid the foreclosure.

Foreclosure Avoidance Program


Commission Discount Program


If you decide the best option is to list your home on the market, a Realtor will need to be paid for their services.

While WASY HOMES is NOT a Real Estate Brokerage, we partner with Real Estate Agents who have agreed to lower their commission for homeowners selling multiple properties within a one-year time period. That will save you thousands of dollars vs. a traditional Real Estate Agent.

In 2019, 73% of sellers made at least one improvement in their home before selling it. And many times, homeowners are expected to cover not only their closing costs, but those the buyer as well.

When you work directly with WASY HOMES, we cover all the closing costs and repairs for you. You don't have to pay or handle any of the costs.

See more about how you can minimize closing costs here!

Closing Cost & Repair Coverage Program


Income-Liability Program


When leasing to a tenant, a landlord receives income from the property, but keeps all the liability.

Under this program, you get the same income from the property, and WASY HOMES assumes all the liability, making it safer for you.

If you become overleveraged with a property that is worth less than what you owe the bank, you may be tempted to just walk away from the home, but that's not in your best interest, as there are serious consequences if you let the home go into foreclosure. You have options! We are very successful at negotiating debt with banks, and can often times purchase the property directly from you - thus saving you from a foreclosure.

Short Sale Program


Corporate Lease Program


For Landlords looking to fill a vacant unit with a perfect tenant, WASY HOMES will lease your property from you, covering all the utilities, maintenance, and turnover, increasing your monthly cashflow.

While you may not own your own property, or may not have any issues with your home or neighborhood, that shouldn't stop you from helping someone who does. When you refer a homeowner in need of assistance to us, when we help them, you get a check for $1,000!

The best part is there's no limit to the number of referral checks you can receive.

Referral Program


Refer To A Local Realtor


If you decide that working with WASY HOMES is not in your best interest, but you are still interested in selling your property, we would be more than happy to refer you to high-quality REALTORs we have partnered with to serve you.