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Getting Pre-Qualified is the first step in the home buying process. We're here to guide you and get you connected to the right professionals!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to get pre-qualified to buy a home?

Yes. In order to get a loan for a home, you first need to get pre-qualified, unless of course you have the money to buy the home with cash.

Do I need to get pre-qualified to start looking at homes?

While you don't need to get pre-qualified to start looking at homes, it is highly recommended. Most Realtors would prefer not to spend time showing you homes if you're not pre-qualified, and would instead prefer to focus their efforts on helping you to get pre-qualified.

What kind of questions will the lender ask me?

The lender will ask you questions related to your job history, income, and credit. That information is necessary to determine  if and for how much you pre-qualify for.

Will the lender run my credit?

Yes. Lenders will run your credit to get an overall, accurate picture of your credit standing. It's just one of the factors they use in determining if and for how much you qualify for.

Can I try working with different lenders?

Of course! You can get pre-qualified with 3 lenders in a 3 month period before it hits your credit again. While very few of our clients feel the need to go with a second lender, it is an option.

Can I get pre-qualified if I only have an OnlyFans?

Yes! As long as you are reporting the income as required, it counts as income and can be used in helping you get pre-qualified to buy a home.

Can I still buy a home if I filed bankruptcy or had a foreclosure?

Yes! Although we highly recommend you speak with a lender, because each situation is different, and there are a combination of factors that play a part in you getting pre-qualified.

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